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Independent External Testing

English is a competitive subject for entering a university in Ukraine. Examination is taken only once a year. So we would recommend you to start preparing for the IET  just NOW! As any examination, IET (Independent External Testing) has its own specificity. So we are not only giving necessary English basis, but prepare students to the actual tasks and specific features of the real IET! We are also aware of the main strategies of going through the test within the time limit of 120 minutes!

We work with actual testing forms which help our students get used to the form and presentation of the test itself!

We will go through different variants of 4 existing parts of the test (Reading, Language use, Writing and Listening).

Our students obtain and master their strategies of coping with difficult tasks. Moreover our students will master their communicative skills and get the main stylistic features for writing a composition (essays, formal/ informal letters, reviews, invitations, announcements etc.), required by the Examination Commission of IET.

Students will learn all the necessary vocabulary (2500 lexical units) according to the communicative situations investigated by the IET program of general education establishments of English language for the year 2018.

 We have limited groups (4-8 pupils), allowing us to pay proper attention to each of our students.

 Solid preparation – proper results!

 Course program includes:

Bonuses which are absolutely FREE for you:

The program is from 12 to 96 hours (astronomical), depending on the level of knowledge of a student.

Twice a week for 120 minutes.

The cost of training - 2400 UAH / month

Tuesday, Thursday: 15:30 - 17:30